"Here’s a pianist, then, who deserves wider recognition for his technique, musicality, and totally intriguing programming...

he turns the tables on the Mephisto Waltz by finding so much musicality in it. The piece works better in a no-bluster zone, and Warszynski’s technical command is impressive..." Huntley Dent, Fanfare Magazine, June 2015 



"In the outer movements of the oft-played Haydn sonata, Warszynski impresses with his pinpoint articulation, classical poise, and dry wit. But the real gem of the performance is the pensive, gorgeously shaded Adagio, where the pianist’s finely regulated Bösendorfer truly sings. Put simply, this is Haydn done just right...

Perhaps owing to his Polish heritage, Warszynski plays the Chopin selections with regal authority and heartfelt lyricism..."

Radu A. Lelutiu, Fanfare Magazine, July 2015



Warszynski brings a notable level of aristocratic grandeur to the two polonaises on this recording. He is as fleet as any pianist I have heard. It's highly dramatic, mature playing, as is his interpretation of the Polonaise in E flat minor, which conveys a welcome sense of courtlines throughout.




Szymanowski's 'Sheherezade' similarly speaks to Warszynski's strengths. He brings extraordinary clarity to the piece's knotty interwining melodic lines, giving each a distinct timbre. It is a strikingly orchestral performance, from the timpani effects of the rapidly repeated bass notes to the delicate fluty trills in the treble. Warszynski's rubato is unihibited and makes for a vividly colorful performance." Myron Silberstein, August 2015


Click for the complete review in Fanfare Magazine

Joseph Haydn: Sonata in C major Hob.XVI:50, I. Allegro - Mikolaj Warsyznski
00:00 / 00:00

Joseph Haydn Sonata in C major Hob XVI:50,  I. Allegro (excerpt)

from the new album for 'Anima Records' : Mikolaj Warszynski - Solo Piano

Franz Liszt: Mephisto Waltz - Mikolaj Warszynski
00:00 / 00:00

Franz Liszt : Mephisto Waltz (excerpt)

from the new album for 'Anima Records' : Mikolaj Warszynski - Solo Piano

Fryderyk Chopin : Scherzo No. 1 in B minor, Op. 20 - Mikolaj Warszynski
00:00 / 00:00

Fryderyk Chopin : Scherzo No. 1, Op. 20 (excerpt)

from the new album for 'Anima Records' : Mikolaj Warszynski - Solo Piano


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On his debut album for Anima Records, Canadian pianist Mikolaj Warszynski puts together a recital of works by Haydn, Liszt, Szymanowski and an assortment of Chopin. The animated 'Grand Sonata' in C major by Joseph Haydn Hob. XVI:50, the voluptuous Shéhérazade by Karol Szymanowski, and the dazzling Mephisto Waltz by Franz Liszt, taken together form a luminous fist half in marked contrast to the revolutionary nature of the works of Chopin in the second half:  the big C minor Nocturne Op. 48 No. 1, the turbulent first Scherzo Op. 20 with its heavenly lullaby, and finally, two contrasting polonaises – the sombre and mysterious Polonaise in E flat minor Op. 26 No. 2, and the famous ‘Heroic’ Polonaise in A flat major Op. 53. In determining the order of the Chopin selections on this album, Warszynski arranged them in an overarching form in four movements framed by the two polonaises, where the Scherzo and the Nocturne take the role of a scherzo and slow movement as if in a four movement Beethovenian sonata structure. Warszynski upholds that in these revolutionary works, “Chopin’s particular genius, was one that was able to fuse his intuitive exhortations within the bounds of reason, but the music resonates with resolve and emotion on a prophetic scale symbolizing the struggles of his defunct nation.”

Pour son début album avec le label français « Anima Records », le pianiste canadien Mikolaj Warszynski nous propose un récital avec des pièces de Haydn, Szymanowski, Liszt et Chopin. La Grande Sonate animée en Do majeur de Joseph Haydn Hob. XVI : 50, la éblouissante Méphisto-Valse n° 1 de Franz Liszt, et la voluptueuse Shéhérazade de Karol Szymanowski - ses trois  pièces dans son ensemble sont le reflet d'un monde sonore, en total contraste avec la nature révolutionnaire des œuvres de Chopin qui suivent : le grand Nocturne en do mineur opus 48 n° 1, le turbulent premier Scherzo opus 20 avec sa berceuse céleste, enfin, deux polonaises contrastées- la Polonaise sombre et mystérieuse en mi bémol mineur opus 26 n° 2 et la célèbre Polonaise « héroïque » en la bémol majeur opus 53. Pour déterminer l'ordre des pièces de Chopin, Warszynski a souhaité imaginer une forme globale en quatre mouvements encadrée par les deux Polonaises, où le Scherzo et le Nocturne prennent le rôle d'un scherzo et d'un mouvement lent, donnant à l'ensemble la structure typique des sonates beethovéniennes. Dans ces œuvres dit « révolutionnaires », Warszynski raconte : « Génie particulier, Chopin était capable de fusionner ses exhortations intuitives dans les limites de la raison. Sa musique résonne avec détermination et émotion, et symbolise les luttes de sa nation défunte. »



This Album is available at international locations including at The Gramophone, Sikora's Records. 

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