Pianist and Scholar

Mikolaj Warszynski perform's Beethoven

Mikolaj Warszynski performs a lecture -recital on Beethoven's 'Tempest' & 'Pastoral' Sonatas... "Teaser" video below:

Mikolaj Warszynski perform's Clara Schumann's Scherzo No. 2 in C minor at the Winspear Centre

Pianist Mikolaj Warszynski performs as part of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra 'From Stage to Screen' at the Winpear Centre as part of the Mother's Day Concert with mother and ESO violinist Tatiana



As I’ve been listening to a 2015 solo piano studio recording by Mikolaj Warszynski, I’ve found myself wondering about the process, about how music is made and how it comes to be heard.

If a pianist plays brilliantly and no one hears: is there a career? Is there even music?

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