Larghetto from the Chopin Piano Concerto in F minor, performed Live at the Winspear Centre 'from stage to screen' as part of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra Mother's Day Recital with ESO violinist Tatiana

Music at Southminister, ZUMI Piano Duo Livestream, May 31st 2020 at

1pm MDT / 3 pm EDT  / 9pm Europe

Via the Master Piano Recital Series -

Pianists Mikolaj Warszynski and Zuzana Simurdova perform as the ZUMI piano duo - a recital with works by Liszt,  Mozart, Ravel, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak and Brahms

Piano Solo Album Review 

June 2019

"As I’ve been listening to a 2015 solo piano studio recording by Mikolaj Warszynski, I’ve found myself wondering about the process, about how music is made and how it comes to be heard.

If a pianist plays brilliantly and no one hears: is there a career? Is there even music?


Not for the first time, I’m pondering how it all works. I’ve heard stories of singers walking into auditions, knocking it out of the park but being ignored ultimately because they’re not famous. In an industry that needs stars the arrival of an unknown can be a destabilizing force, a threat to those big names. While there was a time when recording labels & publishing companies were custodians of art, stewards of excellence, lately I wonder whether anyone cares."

Lisztomania Review

February 2019

"Mikolaj Warszynski is an accomplished performer and teacher. His latest recording Liszt-O-Mania (University of Alberta - Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies WIR07/2018; is a well-chosen program of favourites by Liszt, and therefore, an easy program to sell but a tough one to perform. As an academic, Warszynski brings his love of history and research to his liner notes. They are concise, captivating and inspiring. Moreover, they create the right expectation for his performances."

Interview in Polish

August 2017

Z gdańsko-kanadyjskim pianistą i miłośnikiem sztuki, książek i podróży, Mikołajem Warszyńskim, rozmawiałam o tym, dlaczego warto grać w duecie i to z własną żoną, czy praca pedagoga daje satysfakcję i co łączyło Chopina i Liszta."

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